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Fig. 2

From: NanoSatellite: accurate characterization of expanded tandem repeat length and sequence through whole genome long-read sequencing on PromethION

Fig. 2

ABCA7 VNTR length estimates. TR length estimates (the number of TR units is depicted on the y-axis) per positive strand (red) or negative strand (blue) PromethION sequencing reads (dots) are shown in comparison to the Southern blotting lengths (dashed lines). a Comparison of the five methods (Albacore + tandem-genotypes (tg), Scrappie (S.) events + tg, S. raw + tg, Guppy “flip-flop” + tg, and NanoSatellite) for NA19240, the individual with most sequencing reads. b Comparison of the five methods for Subject05, the individual with the largest expanded ABCA7 VNTR allele. c NanoSatellite ABCA7 VNTR length estimations for all individuals

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