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Table 5 Overview of accuracy and performance running scSplit on five multiplexed scRNA-seq datasets, with one CPU and 30 GB RAM

From: Genotype-free demultiplexing of pooled single-cell RNA-seq

scSplit vs demuxletMix 1Mix 2Mix 3Mix 4Mix 5
Mixed samples78887
Number of cells9148 1375 1656 9777 428
Reads per cell86 14816 38621 26518 57219 657
informative SNVs15 84826 83026 16223 22441 993
Build matrices10 min23 min18 min21 min35 min
Assign cells4 min47 min23 min45 min50 min
Singlet TPR0.940.930.940.930.93
Singlet FDR0.
Doublet TPR0.520.
Doublet FDR0.480.830.850.830.92
Cohen’s Kappa0.860.780.680.770.76
  1. (TPR: True Positive Rate; FDR: False Discovery Rate)