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Table 2 Summary of the ten most variable genes in the Arabidopsis pan-genome. “Number of variants” is the total number of variants intersecting a given gene, and “Normalized number of variants” is the number of intersecting variants divided by gene length

From: RaGOO: fast and accurate reference-guided scaffolding of draft genomes

Gene Annotation Number of variants Normalized number of variants Number of accessions with variants
AT4G16960 Defense response, chloroplast 62 0.00715605 80
AT1G58602 ADP binding, defense response, ATP binding 57 0.00244101 90
AT3G44400 ADP binding, defense response, cytoplasm, signal transduction 56 0.00621256 89
AT3G44630 Defense response 55 0.00593312 84
AT4G16920 Defense response, chloroplast, cytoplasm 55 0.00522913 79
AT1G62620 N,N-dimethylaniline monooxygenase activity, flavin adenine dinucleotide binding, NADP binding, monooxygenase activity, nucleus, oxidation-reduction process 54 0.00850796 91
AT4G16950 Defense response to fungus, incompatible interaction, nucleotide binding, defense response, protein binding 54 0.00558486 70
AT1G62630 Defense response, ATP binding, N-terminal protein myristoylation, ADP binding, nucleus 50 0.00748391 93
AT5G41740 Nucleus, defense response, chloroplast 48 0.00565171 91
AT4G16890 Defense response, cytosol, signal transduction, defense response to bacterium, protein binding, ATP binding, defense response to bacterium, incompatible interaction, ADP binding, systemic acquired resistance, salicylic acid-mediated signaling pathway, cytoplasm, intracellular membrane-bounded organelle, nucleus, nucleotide binding, endoplasmic reticulum, response to auxin 48 0.00536373 75