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Fig. 6

From: The RNA-binding ubiquitin ligase MKRN1 functions in ribosome-associated quality control of poly(A) translation

Fig. 6

MKRN1 is a sensor for poly(A) sequences that stalls ribosomes to initiate ribosome-associated quality control. Proposed model of MKRN1 function: MKRN1 is positioned upstream of (premature) poly(A) tails via interaction with PABPC1. Ribosomes translating the open reading frame run into MKRN1 that acts as a roadblock to prohibit poly(A) translation. Upon contact with the translating ribosome, MKRN1 ubiquitylates the 40S ribosomal protein RPS10. This stalls the ribosome, causing the trailing ribosomes to collide. ZNF598 recognizes the collided ribosomes and ubiquitylates ribosomal proteins to promote RQC

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