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Fig. 5

From: MetaCell: analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data using K-nn graph partitions

Fig. 5

MC analysis of a 160K PBMC multi-batch dataset. a, b Matrix (a) and graph (b) visualization for the similarity structure associating MCs in a model characterizing 162,000 PBMCs. Clusters in the MC matrix are used for linking specific groups of MCs with specific annotation and for color coding. c Shown are the fraction of cells from different sorting batches per MC, color coded white to red to black and visualized using the MC 2D projection as shown in Fig. 4B. d Shown are lfp values for MCs in the PBMC 160K model, comparing intensity of Perforin expression (X axis) to several genes correlated with the CD8+ effector program. e Similar to d for genes showing transient activation during the effector program build-up. f Similar to d for CD8 genes, LAG3 (a T cell exhaustion marker) and a representative ribosomal protein gene

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