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Fig. 4

From: MetaCell: analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data using K-nn graph partitions

Fig. 4

MC analysis of a whole-organism single-cell dataset. a 2D projection of C. elegans metacells and single cells, color-coded according to the most frequent cell type based on the classification from Cao et al. b Top—normalized expression of 1380 highly variable genes across 38,159 C. elegans single cells (columns), sorted by metacell. Bottom—bar plot showing for each metacell the single-cell composition of the different originally classified cell types. c Relationship between the metacell median cell size (UMIs/cell) and the fraction of cells originally labeled as “unclassified” in Cao et al. d Comparison of the median sizes (UMIs/cell) of originally unclassified cells versus classified cells in each metacell. e Expression (molecules/10,000 UMIs) of selected marker transcription factors (top row) and effector genes (bottom row) across all metacells, supporting high transcriptional specificity for four examples of metacells containing a high fraction (> 80%) of originally unclassified cells

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