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Fig. 2

From: CUT&RUNTools: a flexible pipeline for CUT&RUN processing and footprint analysis

Fig. 2

a GATA1 CUT&RUN and ChIP-seq comparison. GATA1 motif is scanned across CUT&RUN and ChIP-seq peaks. The signal pileup of − 150-bp to + 150-bp region surrounding each motif site is plotted. b CUT&RUN signal is enriched in a narrower window than ChIP-seq, consistent with a higher resolution of the CUT&RUN method. c CUT&RUN footprint for the HGATAA motif. Enzyme cut protection is noted in motif core and deprotection in the flanking regions. d The distribution of log-odds score for genome-wide HGATAA motif sites. A threshold value of 5 is used to determine direct binding sites. e Strand-specific cut frequency profile at individual HGTAA motif sites, illustrated as a heatmap

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