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Fig. 1

From: Raptor genomes reveal evolutionary signatures of predatory and nocturnal lifestyles

Fig. 1

Phylogeny and genomic data of birds of prey. The phylogenetic tree topology was adapted from the Avian Phylogenomics Project [1] and TimeTree database. The estimated divergence time from present (million years ago; MYA) is given at the nodes. Dark red indicates species with higher quality (scaffold N50 length > 1 Mb) genome assemblies, light red indicates species with lower quality genome assemblies, black indicates species for which the whole genome was sequenced, and gray indicates non-raptor species high-quality genome assemblies. One asterisk denotes birds of prey sequenced from this study. The white-tailed eagle (denoted with two asterisks) was previously assembled at low quality and also whole genome sequenced from this study

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