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Table 2 Reference SAGA annotations used to train interpretation classifier

From: A unified encyclopedia of human functional DNA elements through fully automated annotation of 164 human cell types

Reference Method Multi-cell type annotation type Cell types States per cell type Interpreted states
[23] Segway Independent GM12878, H1-hESC, HepG2, HUVEC, K562 25 125
[23] ChromHMM Concatenated GM12878, H1-hESC, HeLa-S3, HepG2, HUVEC, K562 25 25
[39] ChromHMM Concatenated GM12878, H1-hESC, HepG2, HMEC, HSMM, HUVEC, K562, NHEK, NHLF 15 15
[13] ChromHMM Concatenated GM12878, H1-hESC, HMEC, HUVEC, K562, NHLF 15,18,25 58
This work Segway Independent H1-hESC, AG04449, HSMM, RIGHT_ATRIUM 13-27 71
  1. The annotations from [13] were performed on 111 cell types, so we chose a representative six from which to compute features