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Fig. 3

From: Assignment of virus and antimicrobial resistance genes to microbial hosts in a complex microbial community by combined long-read assembly and proximity ligation

Fig. 3

Dataset novelty compared to other rumen metagenome assemblies. Chord diagrams showing the contig alignment overlap (by base pair) of the short-read (a) and long-read (b) contigs to the Hungate1000 and Stewart et al. [18] rumen microbial assemblies. The “Both” category consists of alignments of the short-read and long-read contigs that have alignments to both Stewart et al. [18] and the Hungate1000 datasets. c A dendrogram comparison of dataset sampling completeness compared to 16S V4 amplicon sequence data analysis. The outer rings of the dendrogram indicate the presence (blue) or absence (red) of the particular phylotype in each dataset. Datasets are represented in the following order (from the outer edge to the internal edge): (1) the short-read assembly contigs, (2) the long-read assembly contigs, and (3) 16S V4 amplicon sequence data. The internal dendrogram represents each phylum in a different color (see legend), with individual tiers corresponding to the different levels of taxonomic affiliation. The outermost edge of the dendrogram consists of the genus-level affiliation

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