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Table 2 Candidate gene categories with the keywords and identifiers used to select them from the full sets of sequences annotated with InterProScan. To be included as candidate orthologous groups (OGs) in the category, OGs were required to have at least one sequence matching both a UniRef and an InterProScan entry, and an additional gene ontology term in the case of serine proteases

From: Genomic signatures accompanying the dietary shift to phytophagy in polyphagan beetles

Gene family category InterProScan (Pfam or InterPro identifiers) or Gene Ontology UnifRef keyword Number of OGs
UDP-glycosyltransferases (UGTs) PF00201 name:“cluster UDP glucuronosyltransferase” OR name:“cluster UDP glycosyltransferase” 4
Cytochrome P450 oxidases (P450s) PF00067 name:“cluster Cytochrome P450” 22
Carboxylesterases (CEs) PF02230, PF00135 name:“cluster carboxylesterase” OR name:“carboxylic ester hydrolase” 19
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) PF00043, PF02798 name:“cluster Glutathione S-transferase” 6
Serine proteases (SERs) PF00450, PF12146, PF05577, GO:0008236 name:“cluster Serine protease” OR name:“cluster Serine peptidase” 4
Cysteine proteases (CYSs) PF00112 name:“cluster cysteine protease” OR name:“cluster cystein protease” OR name:“cluster Papain” 7
ABC transporters (ABCs) PPF00005, PF00664 name:“cluster ABC” 28
Glycoside hydrolases (GHs) IPR000334, IPR000743, IPR001360, IPR001547 name:“cluster Glycoside hydrolase” 1
Total 91