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Fig. 3

From: EmptyDrops: distinguishing cells from empty droplets in droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing data

Fig. 3

t-SNE plots for the placenta dataset (a, b) or the 900 neuron dataset (c, d), constructed from barcodes that were detected with EmptyDrops and/or CellRanger. Each point represents a barcode and is colored based on a, c whether it was detected as a cell with each method; b the expression of monocyte marker genes KCNA5, CFP, STX11, and S100A12; or d the expression of interneuron marker genes Gad1, Gad2, and Sla6c1. Expression of the relevant marker set in each barcode was quantified as the sum of the normalized log-expression values across all marker genes. Arrows mark the putative monocyte and interneuron populations in each dataset

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