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Table 1 Oncopeltus fasciatus genome metrics

From: Molecular evolutionary trends and feeding ecology diversification in the Hemiptera, anchored by the milkweed bug genome

Feature Value
2n chromosomes 16
Genome size 926 Mb (mean between males and females)
Assembly size 1099 Mb (contigs only, 774 Mb)
Coverage 106.9× raw coverage, 83.7% of reads in final assembly
Contig N50 4047 bp
Scaffold N50 340.0 kb
# scaffolds 17,222
GC content genome, 32.7%; protein-coding sequence (OGS v1.2), 42%
OGS v1.1 (curated fraction) 19,690 models1 (1426 models, 7.2%) 19,465 genes (1201 genes, 6.2%)
OGS v1.2 (curated fraction) 19,809 models1 (1697 models, 8.7%) 19,616 genes (1518 genes, 7.7%)
  1. 1Individual genes may be represented by multiple models in cases of curated alternative isoforms or if exons of the gene are split across scaffolds