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Fig. 2

From: Dynamic inosinome profiles reveal novel patient stratification and gender-specific differences in glioblastoma

Fig. 2

Editing fluctuation in de novo GBM and normal brain at coding sites. a Heatmap of RNA editing levels at recoding sites in GBM compared to the normal cerebral cortex. Each column represents one of the 145 de novo GBMs (TCGA) and 132 brain cortex (GTEx) samples, rows show the 89 differentially edited non-repetitive recoding sites. Only the statistically significant sites (two-tailed Mann-Whitney U test, with Benjamini-Hochberg-corrected p value ≤ 0.05) are shown. The heatmap was generated with Pandas and Seaborn Python libraries, and the list of the editing sites was also reported in the same order in Additional file 3: Table S2. b Box plots representing editing frequencies (%) distributions in GBM and brain cortex at selected sites (two-tailed Mann-Whitney test, with Benjamini-Hochberg correction): GRIA3 R/G q value = 6.44E−33, GRIA2 Q/R q value = 8.63E−20, NEIL1 K/R q value = 1.01E−16, COPA I/V q value = 0.0022, COG3 I/V q value = 0.0002, and CADPS E/G q value = 2.58E−18. In red GBM and in blue normal brain cortex samples are shown. Medians are indicated by black bars

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