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Fig. 2

From: Enhanced mammalian genome editing by new Cas12a orthologs with optimized crRNA scaffolds

Fig. 2

Enhanced targeted indel frequencies by optimized crRNA scaffold. a Schematic showing the workflow of crRNA scaffold optimization and screening. b Efficiencies of GFP disruption in human 293FT cells generated by PrCas12a/scaffold 1 and PrCas12a/scaffold 4n96, respectively. Error bars indicate standard errors of the mean (SEM), n = 3. *p value < 0.05 and **p value < 0.01. c PrCas12a-induced targeted indel frequencies at six different endogenous gene target sites with scaffold 1 and scaffold 4n96. Error bars indicate SEM, n = 3. *p value < 0.05 and **p value < 0.01

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