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Fig. 2

From: Cell Hashing with barcoded antibodies enables multiplexing and doublet detection for single cell genomics

Fig. 2

Validation of Cell Hashing using demuxlet. a Row-normalized “confusion matrix” comparing demuxlet and HTO classifications. Each value on the diagonal represents the fraction of barcodes for a given HTO classification that received an identical classification from demuxlet. b Count distribution of the most highly expressed HTO for groups of concordant and discordant singlets. Both groups have identical classification strength based on Cell Hashing. c Discordant singlets have lower UMI counts, suggesting that a lack of sequencing depth contributed to “ambiguous” calls from demuxlet. d RNA UMI distributions for discordant and concordant multiplets. Only concordant multiplets exhibit increased molecular complexity, suggesting that both methods are conservatively overcalling multiplets in discordant cases. e In support of this, demuxlet assigns lower multiplets posterior probabilities to discordant calls

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