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Fig. 3

From: Comparison of computational methods for the identification of topologically associating domains

Fig. 3

Concordance of TADs identified with different sequencing depths. Top panel (table). From the top: percentage of reads retained, actual number of reads (million), and estimated cost for generating the corresponding number of reads based on 150-bp paired-end sequencing in 2017. Bottom panel (heatmap). Measure of Concordance (MoC) values between TADs identified using 100% of the reads (rightmost column contoured in black) and TADs identified using a given percentage of reads (columns) for each TAD caller (rows). MoC values are color-coded with cold colors indicating low values (blue = 0) and warm colors indicating high values (red = 1). Percentages of reads used increase from left to right (see top panel for detailed values). Gray boxes correspond to TAD callers that did not successfully identify TADs with a given number of reads. Hi-C matrices were ICE-normalized and binned at 50 kb. TAD callers are ranked (from top to bottom) based on the minimal percentage of reads (values are reported on the right) required to identify TADs obtaining a MoC of at least 0.75 when compared to TADs identified using 100% of the reads

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