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Fig. 3

From: Enhancers in the Peril lincRNA locus regulate distant but not local genes

Fig. 3

In vivo RNA sequencing validates DNA-based enhancer in Peril locus. a Peril locus schematic showing knockout region (dotted lines) relative to MPRA peaks (below). b Expression of LacZ and c Peril in TPMs. WT in black, KO in gray. Error bars indicate 1 standard deviation from the mean. d Read pileup tracks across the Peril locus. Gray box indicates KO region. WT in black, KO in gray. Tissue type indicated on the left. Number of dysregulated genes in WT-v-KO tissue analysis indicated on the right. e Cis plot of the 4-Mb region surrounding Peril (mm10) for each tissue. Peril locus lies at the origin. Y-axis represents log2(KO/WT), X-axis represents genomic position relative to Peril (Mb). Each dot represents a gene expressed in this tissue. Red indicates significantly differential expression between WT and KO. Genes of interest are emphasized

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