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Fig. 6

From: Downregulation of RdDM during strawberry fruit ripening

Fig. 6

Association between DNA methylation and gene expression changes. a MA-plot showing the expression change during ripening. Eight hundred ninety-nine up- and 1417 down-differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were detected in Fa3 as compared to Fa1 (adjusted P value <‚ÄČ0.01, as determined using the DESeq). b Heatmaps showing DNA methylation changes (Fa3-Fa1) surrounding 1417 down-DEGs (left panel) and 899 up-DEGs (right panel). The blue bars on the right indicate hypomethylated genes. c IGB display of DNA methylation levels and transcript levels of two up-DEGs (upper panel) and two down-DEGs (lower panel) in Fa1 and Fa3. Hypo-DMRs are boxed. d Gene Ontology (GO) analysis of hypomethylated DEGs and non-hypomethylated DEGs. GO terms enriched in hypomethylated-DEGs were illustrated. GO enrichments of hypomethylated down-DEGs (left panel) and up-DEGs (right panel) are shown respectively

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