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Table 2 Examples of genome editing for disease resistance and other production traits

From: Livestock 2.0 – genome editing for fitter, healthier, and more productive farmed animals

Genome editing
Trait Species Genome-editing target Reference(s)
Increased muscle growth (double-muscle phenotype) Cow Myostatin (GDF8) [56]
Sheep Myostatin (GDF8) [56, 57]
Goat Myostatin (GDF8) [58]
Channel Catfish Myostatin (GDF8) [59]
Pig Myostatin (GDF8) [60,61,62,63,64,65,66]
Hornlessness (Polled) Cow Pc POLLED [74]
Boretaint (Hormone release during sexual maturity leading to undesired meat taste) Pig KISS1R [75]
Sterility Salmon Dead end protein (dnd) [78]
Sterility/surrogate hosts Pig Nanos2 [79]
Chicken DDX4 (Vasa) [80]
PRRSV resistance Pig CD163 [90,91,92,93]
ASFV resilience Pig RELA [95, 96]
Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica resilience Cow CD18 [97]
Bovine tuberculosis resilience Cow NRAMP1 [99]
Xenotransplantation (removal of endogenous retroviruses) Pig Porcine endogenous retrovirus genes [106, 107]
  1. Abbreviations: ASFV African swine fever virus, GDF growth and differentiation factor, PRRSV porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus