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Table 5 False-positive identifications have few unique k-mers. Using an extended taxonomy, the identifications in PT4 and PT10 were matched to single accessions (instead of to the species level). The likely true source of the mapped sequences was determined by subsequent BLAST searches and included 16S rRNA present in many uncultured bacteria, human small nucleolar RNAs (snRNAs), and phiX174

From: KrakenUniq: confident and fast metagenomics classification using unique k-mer counts

Sample Matched microorganism Reads k-mers Source
PT3 Clostridioides difficile 122 126 16S rRNA
PT4 Hepatitis C virus
JF343788.1 recombinant hepatitis C virus
101 3 Human snRNA
PT5 Akkermansia muciniphila 936 136 16S rRNA
PT10 Human betaherpesvirus 5
JN379815.1 human herpesvirus 5 strain U04, partial genome
63 5 phiX174