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Fig. 2

From: Phytophthora methylomes are modulated by 6mA methyltransferases and associated with adaptive genome regions

Fig. 2

6mA occurs in Phytophthora genomic DNA. a Phytophthora mycelium 6mA were detected by UPLC. The selective multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions for 6mA were setting as m/z 266–150. The retention time of standard 6mA was present in Phytophthora gDNA samples. b Phytophthora 6mA are detected by UPLC-ESI-MS/MS. The parent ion 6mA (m/z near 266.12) and base fragment (m/z near 150.07) highlighted by arrows from samples also match standard 6mA. c Quantification of 6mA levels in Phytophthora samples. The 6mA concentrations are listed as 6mA per million dA. d The presence of 6mA in Phytophthora gDNA was verified by dot blot assay using a specific 6mA antibody. Input DNA was quantified by ethidium bromide-dyed agarose gels. Every dot loaded 100 ng DNA. The experiments were independently carried out in four replicates. The relative 6mA abundance is calculated (integrated signal densityanti-6mA/integrated signal densityinput DNA) with the signal density quantified by ImageJ

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