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Table 3 Significantly enriched gene ontology (GO) terms based on SweeD

From: Genomes reveal marked differences in the adaptive evolution between orangutan species

GO term GO description P FDRa No. of genesb
West Alas (P. abelii)
 GO:0007215 Glutamate receptor signaling pathway 0.0004 9/35
 GO:0035235 Ionotropic glutamate receptor signaling pathway 0.0045 5/11
 GO:0099565 Chemical synaptic transmission, postsynaptic 0.0066 8/44
 GO:0060079 Excitatory postsynaptic potential 0.0066 8/43
 GO:0060078 Regulation of postsynaptic membrane potential 0.0066 9/58
 GO:0061000 Negative regulation of dendritic spine development 0.0175 3/4
 GO:0120036 Plasma membrane bounded cell projection organization 0.0184 31/608
 GO:0030030 Cell projection organization 0.0227 31/617
  1. aP value after adjustment for multiple testing; bThe number of unique genes found for the given GO term related to the total number of genes that could be found at most for this term
  2. Listed GO terms were significantly enriched in the analysis of all protein-coding candidate genes of the SweeD selection tests. We only report GO terms related to biological processes