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Table 2 Significantly enriched gene ontology (GO) terms based on iHS

From: Genomes reveal marked differences in the adaptive evolution between orangutan species

GO term GO description P FDRa No. of genesb
Northeast Alas (P. abelii)
 GO:0050877 Neurological system process 0.0065 31/818
 GO:1903433 Regulation of constitutive secretory pathway 0.0178 2/2
 GO:0007268 Synaptic transmission 0.0314 14/274
 GO:0007612 Learning 0.0383 8/105
 GO:0030534 Adult behavior 0.0477 9/135
 GO:0044708 Single-organism behavior 0.0492 15/320
West Alas (P. abelii)
 GO:0042254 Ribosome biogenesis 0.0173 10/110
 GO:0021987 Cerebral cortex development 0.0215 9/90
 GO:0050919 Negative chemotaxis 0.0367 5/23
 GO:0021825 Substrate-dependent cerebral cortex tangential migration 0.0500 3/5
Northeast Borneo (P. pygmaeus morio)
 GO:2000552 Negative regulation of T-helper 2 cell cytokine production 0.0500 2/2
  1. aP value after adjustment for multiple testing; bThe number of unique genes found for the given GO term related to the total number of genes that could be found at most for this term
  2. Listed GO terms were significantly enriched in the analysis of all protein-coding candidate genes of the iHS selection tests. We only report GO terms related to biological processes