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Fig. 3

From: Holo-Seq: single-cell sequencing of holo-transcriptome

Fig. 3

Strand of origin information of Holo-Seq presents intronic and antisense transcripts in single cells. a The plot of the signal from an unannotated antisense transcript inside Zmynd8 locus. The enhancer region is indicated by both Oct4 and H3K4me3 ChIP-Seq signal clusters. b, c Pearson correlation heat maps of coding genes (b) and antisense transcripts (c) abundance profiled by Holo-Seq from 10 mESC single cells. d t-SNE analysis of mESCs (bulk directional RNA-Seq), mESCs single cells (Holo-Seq), mESCs single cells combined (Holo-Seq), and mouse bone marrow T cells (bulk directional RNA-Seq) using their antisense transcripts. e 3D scatterplot of the gene expression level, intron RPKM Fano factor, and mRNA RPKM Fano factor of a core gene group (red dots) and a housekeeping gene group (blue dots) in 10 mESC single cells (Additional fileĀ 3: Table S6). With similar gene expression level (mRNA RPKM), the core gene group has significantly lower pre-mRNA bursting than that of the housekeeping gene group

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