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Table 2 Environmental variables measured for each sampling location, ordered by their abbreviations shown in Fig. 2a, b

From: Modularity of genes involved in local adaptation to climate despite physical linkage

Abbreviation Definition Category
MSP May to September precipitation (mm) Aridity
LONG Longitude Geography
bFPP Day of the year frost-free period begins Freezing
ELEVATION Elevation Geography
LAT Latitude Geography
TD Temperature difference (MWMT-MCMT) (°C) Freezing or Aridity
DD_0 Degree days below 0 °C Freezing
PAS Precipitation as snow (mm) Aridity or Freezing
MAP Mean annual precipitation (mm) Aridity
CMD Hargreaves climate-moisture deficit Aridity
SHM Summer heat moisture index ((MWMT)/(MSP/1000)) Aridity
AHM Annual heat moisture index (MAT+10)/(MAP/1000)) Aridity
MWMT Mean warmest month temperature (°C) Aridity
DD5 Degree days above 5 °C Aridity
Eref Hargreaves reference evaporation Aridity
EXT Extreme maximum temperature over 30 years (°C) Aridity
MCMT Mean coldest month temperature (°C) Freezing
EMT Extreme minimum temperature over 30 years (°C) Freezing
MAT Mean annual temperature (°C) Aridity or Freezing
eFFP Day of the year frost-free period ends Freezing
NFFD Number of days without frost Freezing
FFP Frost-free period (bFFP-eFFP) Freezing