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Fig. 4

From: BayesCCE: a Bayesian framework for estimating cell-type composition from DNA methylation without the need for methylation reference

Fig. 4

Performance of BayesCCE as a function of the number of samples for which cell counts are known, under the assumption of six constituting cell types in blood (k=6): granulocytes, monocytes, and four subtypes of lymphocytes (CD4+, CD8+, B cells, and NK cells). Presented are the medians of the mean absolute correlation values (MAC; in blue) and the medians of the mean absolute error values (MAE; in red) across the six cell types. Error bars indicate the range of MAC and MAE values across ten different executions for each number of samples with known cell counts. In every execution, samples with known cell counts were randomly selected, and all MAC and MAE values were calculated while excluding the samples with assumed known cell counts

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