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Table 2 Estimated overall effect size and p values for continuous scores on molecular, histopathological, and clinical variables from fixed effects model

From: Continuity of transcriptomes among colorectal cancer subtypes based on meta-analysis

Variable Continuous score Effect size p value
CMS1 subtype PCSS1 0.82 3E-55
PCSS2 − 2.55 1E-129
CMS2 subtype PCSS1 − 2.00 2E-156
PCSS2 0.76 7E-60
CMS3 subtype PCSS1 − 0.57 2E-28
PCSS2 − 0.75 6E-56
CMS4 subtype PCSS1 1.72 2E-130
PCSS2 1.75 4E-106
MSI PCSS1 0.76 1E-31
PCSS2 − 1.68 5E-71
Right location PCSS1 0.087 0.09
PCSS2 − 0.23 1E-04
Late stage PCSS1 0.16 0.002
PCSS2 0.24 6E-06
High grade PCSS1 0.33 3E-05
PCSS2 − 0.30 7E-05
Disease recurrence or death PCSS1 0.23 5E-05
PCSS2 0.19 0.001
  1. The effect size statistic is log hazard ratio for disease recurrence or death and log odds ratio for all other variables. These estimates are not sensitive to fixed vs random effects modeling (Additional file 5: Table S4). Statistics for individual datasets, including I2 statistics, are also provided in Additional file 5: Table S4