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Fig. 1

From: A comparative study of endoderm differentiation in humans and chimpanzees

Fig. 1

Study design and quality control analyses. a Study design. Samples from four chimpanzees and six humans were studied at four time points during endoderm development. We included two technical replicates from each of the chimpanzees and two technical replicates for two of the six humans. iPSC induced pluripotent stem cell, PS primitive streak, EP endoderm progenitor, DE definitive endoderm. b Purity analysis. Cell type composition at each day based on FACS analysis (see “Methods”), estimated by k-means clustering. c Heat map of normalized log2(CPM) as a measure of expression levels of TFs that are known to be highly expressed in one or more stages in the differentiation to endoderm [7]. Generally, samples from the same day, regardless of species, cluster together

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