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Table 1 Sequence overview of HvPUB15 and its partial duplicate HvARM1 in the barley genome

From: Evolutionarily conserved partial gene duplication in the Triticeae tribe of grasses confers pathogen resistance

Identifier HvPUB15 HvARM1
cDNA clone ID HO23D08 HO14H18
HarvEST assembly #35 unigene Nr. 3072 3071
Full-coding sequence cDNA Acc. Nr. AK361754 AK371875
Morex WGS contig Acc. Nr.a CAJW010005672 CAJX010121345
Barke WGS contig Acc. Nr.a CAJV010187631 CAJV010188692
Bowman WGS contig Acc. Nr.a CAJX010851782 CAJX010121345
High-confidence barley gene IDa HORVU3Hr1G113910 HORVU3Hr1G081380
Chromosomeb 3HL 3HL
Position (Mbp)b 689.57 594.73
Syntenic to Brachypodium distachyon, Oryza sativa, Sorghum bicolor No No
Syntenic to Ae. tauschii c Yes No
  1. aMost significant BlastN result with 99–100% identity to genomic sequence of barley (
  2. bBased on high-confidence (HC)-gene mapping of the barley reference sequence [72]
  3. cBased on the Ae. tauschii genome