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Fig. 1

From: GIVE: portable genome browsers for personal websites

Fig. 1

Screenshot of a custom genome browser hosting epigenome and genome interaction datasets. The top genomic coordinate covers the entire chromosome 17 (chr17:1–81,195,210). The first three data tracks from the top are RNA-seq, H3K27ac ChIP-seq, Pol2 ChIP-seq data in MCF-7 cells, shown corresponding to the top genomic coordinate. The genomic coordinate at the bottom shows chr17:45000000–55,000,000. The bottom three data tracks are RNA-seq, H3K27ac ChIP-seq, Pol2 ChIP-seq data shown corresponding to the bottom coordinate. The Hi-C interaction data in the center panel shows Hi-C derived links between the genomic regions (top coordinate) and other genomic regions (bottom coordinate). The strengths of the Hi-C derived genomic interactions are plotted in color scale, with red being strongest and green being weakest

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