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Fig. 3

From: FOCS: a novel method for analyzing enhancer and gene activity patterns infers an extensive enhancer–promoter map

Fig. 3

Configuration of promoter regulation by enhancers. a The proportional contributions of the ten most proximal enhancers (within ±500 kb of the target promoter) to models predicting promoter activity. The x-axis indicates the order of the enhancers by their relative distance from the promoter, with 1 being the closest. b R2 values of the models that passed one or both CV tests. c Distribution of the number of enhancers included in the validated, optimally reduced models (i.e., after elastic net shrinkage). Most shrunken models contain one to three enhancers. d Inclusion frequency of enhancers in the shrunken models as a function of their relative proximity to the target promoter

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