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Table 1 List of “gold standard” selected variants used for FineMAV calibration and validation

From: FineMAV: prioritizing candidate genetic variants driving local adaptations in human populations

Gene SNP Population Function
ACKR1 a rs2814778 AFR Malaria resistance [115,116,117,118]
SLC39A4 rs1871534 AFR Zinc level [119]
ABCC11 rs17822931 EAS Earwax and sweat type [120, 121]
EDAR rs3827760 EAS Hair shape and thickness [33, 122]
HERC2 rs12913832 EUR Eye pigmentation [123,124,125]
MCM6 rs4988235 EUR Lactose tolerance [35, 36]
SLC24A5 rs1426654 EUR Skin pigmentation [34, 126]
SLC45A2 rs16891982 EUR Skin pigmentation [126,127,128]
  1. aNote that ACKR1 is also known as DARC and the derived allele at rs2814778 is the Duffy O allele
  2. AFR Africans, EAS East Asians, EUR Europeans