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Fig. 7

From: DE-kupl: exhaustive capture of biological variation in RNA-seq data through k-mer decomposition

Fig. 7

Examples of differentially expressed contigs. Sashimi plots generated from Integrative Genomic Viewer (IGV) using read alignments produced with STAR [52]. Sample SRR2966453 from condition D0 is labeled with E (epithelial). Sample SRR2966474 from condition D7 is labeled with M (mesenchymal). Annotations from GENCODE and DE-kupl differentially expressed contigs are shown at the bottom of each frame. a New splicing variant involving an unannotated exon, overexpressed in condition E. b Tandem repeat at chr8:143,204-870-143,206,916 (red region) that is overexpressed in condition M vs E. Note that the overexpressed tandem repeat is part of a larger overexpressed unannotated locus. c A novel long intergenic non-coding RNA overexpressed in condition E. d A novel antisense RNA. RNA-seq reads are aligned in the forward orientation while the gene at this locus is in the reverse orientation. The annotated gene is not expressed. E epithelial, M mesenchymal

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