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Fig. 3

From: OMSV enables accurate and comprehensive identification of large structural variations from nanochannel-based single-molecule optical maps

Fig. 3

Results based on the default simulated data sets. Precision (a) and recall (b) of OMSV. Ratio of SV sizes determined by OMSV to their actual sizes, for the haploid (c) and diploid (d) data sets. Precision (e) and recall (f) of OMSV compared to BioNano Solve. Results in (a) to (f) are all based on insertions and deletions larger than 2 kbp. Precision (g) and recall (h) of OMSV in calling complex SVs from the simulated data, including the whole set (All) and only the intrinsically feasible (IF) ones. IF, intrinsically feasible; SV, structural variation

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