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Fig. 4

From: xCell: digitally portraying the tissue cellular heterogeneity landscape

Fig. 4

Cell type enrichment analysis in tumors. a Average scores for nine cell types across 24 cancer types from TCGA (The Cancger Genome Atlas). Scores were normalized across rows. Signatures were chosen such that they are the cell of origin of a cancer type or the most significant signature of the cancer type compared to all others. b t-SNE (t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding) plot of 8875 primary cancer samples from TCGA (The Cancger Genome Atlas) and TARGET colored by cancer type. The t-SNE plot was generated using the enrichment scores of 48 non-epithelial, non-stem cell, and non-cell type-specific scores. Many of the cancer types create distinct clusters, emphasizing the important role of the tumor microenvironment in characterizing tumors

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