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Table 2 GO enrichment among protein–protein interaction network communities that contain multiple eRD genes for the DTA trait

From: Substantial contribution of genetic variation in the expression of transcription factors to phenotypic variation revealed by eRD-GWAS

Community GO term enrichment of community Number of eRD genes within community percentage of eRD genes in community) Log2 odds ratio for eRD genes in xcommunity
10 ATP biosynthesis process; metal ion transport 8 (7.41%) 4.75**
6 MADS-gene family; floral meristem maintain 5 (8.93%) 5.96**
4 Oxidation-reduction process; nitrate assimilation; steroid 22-alpha hydroxylase activity (BR) 12 (4.67%) 2.58*
  1. * P value of enrichment test < 0.05
  2. ** P value of enrichment test < 0.01