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Table 1 GO enrichment tests of RNA co-expression modules containing multiple eRD genes for the DTA trait

From: Substantial contribution of genetic variation in the expression of transcription factors to phenotypic variation revealed by eRD-GWAS

Module name GO term enrichment of module Number of eRD genes within module (percentage of eRD genes in module) Log2 odds ratio for eRD genes in module
Thistle3 Metal ion transport; transferring phosphorus-containing groups; ATP binding 20 (54.1%) 9.17**
Navajowhite2 NAD(P) metabolic 18 (34.6%) 8.03**
Firebrick4 Nitrate transport; magnesium ion binding 15 (35.7%) 8.38**
Palevioletred3 Terpene synthase; regulation of transcription; response to nitrate 6 (11.1%) 6.33**
Honeydew Cell wall organization; maintenance of floral meristem 4 (11.1%) 6.92**
  1. ** P value of enrichment test < 0.01