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Fig. 7

From: Abundant expression of somatic transposon-derived piRNAs throughout Tribolium castaneum embryogenesis

Fig. 7

Expression patterns of Tc-Piwi/Aub, Ago3 and piRNA primary transcripts antisense to gypsy RNA-dependent DNA polymerase. T. castaneum blastoderm embryos are stained with DAPI (blue) and fluorescently labelled RNA probes (red and green). a In situ hybridization with DNP-labelled probe detecting putative piRNA transcript antisense to gypsy RNA-dependent DNA polymerase exon (red). b T. castaneum embryos at the stage of early blastoderm, differentiated blastoderm, serosal window closure and beginning of germband elongation stained with fluorescently labelled probes against Tc-Piwi/Aub (red) and Tc-Ago3 (green) intronic regions. Selected regions are magnified

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