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Fig. 3

From: Abundant expression of somatic transposon-derived piRNAs throughout Tribolium castaneum embryogenesis

Fig. 3

Developmental dynamics of piRNA clusters. a Proportion of piRNAs uniquely mapping to piRNA clusters in T. castaneum oocytes and embryos at successive time intervals (0–5 h, 8–16 h, etc. as indicated) until hatching. b Heatmaps show the relative abundance of 25–35-nt reads from the dominant piRNA producing DNA strand (see main text), and the opposite to dominant strand, of each piRNA cluster in oocytes and developing embryos as in a. c Nucleotide biases for piRNAs mapping to the dominant and opposite strand of piRNA clusters at different developmental stages. d Heatmap shows the normalized fraction of piRNA reads that have a 5′-5′ overlapping antisense partner with different overlap distances (x-axis) at different developmental stages

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