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Fig. 5

From: Distinct 5-methylcytosine profiles in poly(A) RNA from mouse embryonic stem cells and brain

Fig. 5

Methylated cytosines are preferentially located around the translational start codon of mRNAs. a The percentages of m5Cs detected in ESC (left) or brain (right) total poly(A) RNA mapping to the indicated transcript classes are shown. b Meta-gene profiles of all m5C locations detected in total poly(A) RNA of ESCs along the rescaled segments 5′ UTR, coding sequence (CDS), and 3′ UTR of a normalized mRNA are shown and indicate a peak of m5C at the translational start codon. Red line represents the loess smoothed conditional mean and gray areas the 0.95 confidence interval. Dashed lines separate the different mRNA segments at the translational start and stop codons. c Same as in b for brain total poly(A) RNA. d Pie chart of the percentages of m5Cs detected in the indicated transcript classes in ESC (left) or brain (right) nuclear poly(A) RNA. e, f Meta-gene analysis as in b reveals accumulation of m5C sites around the start codon in ESC (e) and brain (f) nuclear poly(A) RNA as well as in the 3′ UTR of brain nuclear RNA transcripts (f)

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