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Table 2 List of the top 15 pregnancy-enriched pouch tissue genes

From: The genome of the Gulf pipefish enables understanding of evolutionary innovations

Gene ID Fold change CPM p value Gene description KO ID
SSCG00000006913 15.66 7.22 2.13E-24 WNT1-inducible-signaling pathway protein 2 isoform X2 K06827
SSCG00000005974 21.04 6869.88 1.87E-18 patristacin, partial K08778
SSCG00000007802 4.15 93.44 7.69E-16 podocan  
SSCG00000014514 3.15 46.38 1.45E-15 fos-related antigen 2-like  
SSCG00000015977 12.38 229.24 1.39E-14 myocilin-like  
SSCG00000006209 6.53 4.72 4.91E-14 dickkopf-related protein 2 K02165
SSCG00000007875 2.93 188.72 8.81E-14 neuroepithelial cell-transforming gene 1 protein  
SSCG00000013720 5.13 233.89 3.85E-13 lipopolysaccharide-binding protein/bactericidal permeability-increasing protein  
SSCG00000011252 2.88 72.11 2.72E-12 beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase 1-like isoform X1 K00778
SSCG00000004944 6.64 29.73 7.33E-12 collagen alpha-2(VI) chain-like K06238
SSCG00000006480 3.10 18.93 1.81E-11 CTTNBP2 N-terminal-like protein  
SSCG00000013244 2.30 34.04 2.10E-11 LIM domain transcription factor LMO4-B-like  
SSCG00000004636 3.22 386.88 3.62E-11 NA  
SSCG00000002072 29.24 1.59 3.77E-11 potassium channel subfamily K member 2-like K04913
SSCG00000007792 5.21 7.06 4.20E-11 excitatory amino acid transporter 5-like K05618
  1. Included are the fold change (pregnant/non-pregnant), average expression level across 12 pouch libraries in copies per million (CPM), edgeR negative binomial exact test p value, gene description from top BLASTP hit, and the assigned KEGG orthology ID for each pipefish gene. See Additional file 2 SH2 for the full list