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Table 2 Mapping statistics for human microbiome samples

From: IMP: a pipeline for reproducible reference-independent integrated metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analyses

Reference Average MG pairs mapping (%) Average MT pairs mapping (%)
IGC 70.91 53.57
IMP 70.25 86.21
IMP-megahit 70.62 83.33
IMP_MG 68.08 58.54
MetAMOS_MG 57.31 37.34
MOCAT_MG 36.73 36.68
IMP + IGC 92.66 95.77
IMP-megahit + IGC 92.80 93.24
  1. Average fractions (%) of properly paired reads from the human microbiome datasets (HF1–5) mapping to various references, including IMP-based iterative co-assemblies (IMP and IMP-megahit) and single-omic co-assemblies (IMP_MG, MetAMOS_MG, and MOCAT_MG) as well as the IGC reference database. IMP + IGC and IMP-megahit + IGC reports the total number of properly paired reads mapping to IMP-based iterative co-assemblies and/or the IGC reference database. Refer to Additional file 2: Table S3 for detailed information