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Table 1 Clinical parameters of the six breast cancer patients

From: Tracing the origin of disseminated tumor cells in breast cancer using single-cell sequencing

Patient Histology Grade pN status HR status Her2 status PAM50 subtype Systemic recurrence (time to recurrence or last observation) Age at diagnosis (years) Time to death (months) Disease status
MicMa003 ILC 2 2 Pos Neg LumA Yes (11.71 months) 36 - Alive (241 months)
MicMa017 ILC 2 1 Pos Neg LumA No (last obs 80.98 months) 78 80.98 Dead other cause
MicMa019 IDC 2 2 Pos Neg LumB Yes (40.31 months) 71 52.56 Dead BrCa
MicMa044 IDC 2 ND Neg Pos (FISH)/neg (IHC) Basal No (last obs 8.26 months) 81 8.26 Dead other cause
MicMa083 ILC 2 3 Pos Neg LumA Yes (11.21 months) 69 19.37 Dead BrCa
MicMa107 ILC 2 3 Pos Neg (FISH)/pos (IHC) LumB Yes (44.31 months) 45 55.10 Dead BrCa
  1. BrCa breast cancer, ER estrogen receptor, FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization, HR hormone receptor, IDC invasive ductal carcinoma, IHC immunohistochemistry, ILC invasive lobular carcinoma, LumB luminal B, ND not determined, Neg negative, Obs observation, pN axillary lymph node involvement, Pos positive