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Table 1 Enrichment of association of M30 with epileptic and non-epileptic phenotypes

From: Rare and common epilepsies converge on a shared gene regulatory network providing opportunities for novel antiepileptic drug discovery

Genesa Z score P value** Phenotype
278 2.62 0.00437 Genetic generalised epilepsy
297 3.55 0.00019 Focal epilepsy
277 2.34 0.00971 Genetic generalised epilepsy excluding SCN1A
296 2.88 0.00195 Focal epilepsy excluding SCN1A
  1. **P value for enrichment of association
  2. aNumber of genes in the module with ≥1 genotyped SNP within the transcription start and end positions of the gene (GRCh37, hg19)