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Fig. 1

From: Extreme genomic erosion after recurrent demographic bottlenecks in the highly endangered Iberian lynx

Fig. 1

Evolutionary and demographic history of Iberian and Eurasian lynx. a Eurasian and Iberian lynx divergence adjusted to a model of divergence with gene flow. Results suggest a relatively recent divergence of the two lynx species followed by a period of gene flow that lasted until recently (circa 2473 years ago). b Effective population size through time estimated for each of the 11 Iberian lynx and a single Eurasian individual using PSMC. Demographic histories are similar for the ten Iberian lynx and slightly different for the Eurasian lynx, although both species follow largely parallel fluctuations of population size probably related to glacial cycles; glacial periods are shaded in blue with glacial maxima in darker tone. c Based on the allele frequency spectrum, ∂a∂i infers a model with two successive abrupt bottlenecks, one around 47 kya, coincident with the last important decline observed in PSMC output, and a second one at 315 years ago, both reducing to approximately one-tenth the previous population size. The most recent documented bottleneck occurring during the 20th century is not recovered by these methods

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