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Table 3 Significantly over-represented biological pathways and candidate genes identified in RF/J

From: Deep genome sequencing and variation analysis of 13 inbred mouse strains defines candidate phenotypic alleles, private variation and homozygous truncating mutations

Pathway name Database p value (corrected) Candidate genes
Degradation of the extracellular matrix REACTOME 4.91 × 10–3 Adam15, Cdh1, Col4a4, Eln, Mmp11
Extracellular matrix organization REACTOME 1.15 × 10–2 Adam15, Cdh1, Col4a4, Eln, Lama3, Mmp11
ECM-receptor interaction KEGG 1.32 × 10–2 Col4a4, Itga10, Itga7, Lama3
Pathways in cancer KEGG 4.56 × 10–2 Cdh1, Col4a4, Fas, Kit, Lama3, Msh3
  1. Candidate genes are those that are found in the respective pathways and contained a missense SNP private to the RF/J strain. Corrected p values are based on the Benjamini–Hochberg method