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Fig. 4

From: Integrative epigenomic analysis reveals unique epigenetic signatures involved in unipotency of mouse female germline stem cells

Fig. 4

Comparison of DNA methylation state in FGSCs and MGSCs. a A snapshot of the IGV depicting DNA methylation in FGSCs and MGSCs. b Comparison of methylation at promoter regions (−2 kb to 500 bp) between FGSCs and MGSCs. We divided UCSC transcript promoters into 500-bp windows and showed that the absolute methylation signals from mean whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (MGSCs) and the mean MethylCap-seq normalized relative methylation levels (FGSCs) have a correlation of 0.229. c The number of genes methylated at TSS regions (−2 kb to 500 bp) in FGSCs and MGSCs. d Functional annotation of genes with FGSC-specific (left) or MGSC-specific methylation (right) (p < 0.05). e The DNA methylation frequency at transposable element loci. f DNA methylation status of imprinting genes (H19 and Peg10) in FGSCs and MGSCs. IAP intracisternal A-type particle, LINE long interspersed nuclear element, LTR long terminal repeat, SINE short interspersed nuclear element

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