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Fig. 3

From: Integrative epigenomic analysis reveals unique epigenetic signatures involved in unipotency of mouse female germline stem cells

Fig. 3

Genomic DNA methylation contributes to the identity of FGSCs. a Pairwise correlation comparison for genome-wide DNA methylation among distinct cell types. R values (Pearson correlation coefficient) were used to compare the significant correlation both within and between groups and is represented by a color scale (red is highly correlated). b An IGV snapshot of the DNA methylation state at the Hoxd gene family region. c K-means clustering of DNA methylation at promoter regions for ESCs, PGCs, and FGSCs. d Functional enrichment of FGSC-specific methylated regions by GREAT analysis (p < 0.05). e Expression levels of genes methylated at the promoter or gene body only or hypomethylated. f Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of development-related genes in Dnmt1 knockdown FGSCs. Calculation of relative expression levels was based on comparison with the control. Error bars indicate standard deviations of three biological replicates

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