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Fig. 3

From: A comprehensive study of the genomic differentiation between temperate Dent and Flint maize

Fig. 3

Selection candidates of the maize flowering network and their nucleotide diversity in 136 elite lines and 38 European landraces. a Candidates associated with the maize flowering network identified under selective pressure in 70 Dent (red) and 66 Flint (blue) lines based on genotyping data. Candidates are grouped according to their putative function in endogenous pathways and pathways regulated by environmental factors. For details about the candidate genes and their classification, see Additional file 4: Table S5. Ambiguous assignments according to GO annotations and literature are indicated by *. b Nucleotide diversity π of nine Flint (blue) and 13 Dent (red) flowering time candidate genes for 136 temperate elite lines as well as 31 Flint-type and seven Dent-type European landraces. Mean values for each gene were calculated for the panels of Dent and Flint elite lines (left) and for each of the 38 landraces (right). For details about candidate genes, gene-wise π values, and order of landraces, see Additional file 6: Table S8

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